It's has been the biggest obstacle for me ever since I was a little kid. Too lazy to work, too lazy to eat, too lazy to do any effin thing. Well it was acceptable as a kid though, but it started to affect my lifestyle later.        Hey, it's not just me, it's all of you including me to whom i am referring to, and i bet you 

can't deny. every single human being is lazy at some point or the other and that is totally 

normal! You can't help being lazy at times & trust me you are not at all answerable 

...sometimes...BUT , when it becomes a habit and your future is at stake, It's exactly where 

the problem begins. 

       So now what? Well, you will have to stop being lethargic every time. ... Too simple if you 

just have to say it, right?

       WRONG!!!, and I did not mean that it's hard to say, I meant that is as simple to do as it 

is to say.

       According to a very common saying 'Every problem in this world comes with a solution', 

one's sluggish …


Hey, are you are a hard worker? Putting a lot of effort, tired but not ready to
stop? WOW! Fascinating... right??  NO! No it’s not! I am extremely sorry to say
that you are not on the right track, you are lost and going nowhere. Oh wait! I
am not even lying! I can prove it you and even you will agree by the end of this 
article that word ‘HARD WORK’ is a mere trapand you need to give up doing it!
So,let’s start.. Shall  we?

Have you ever heard that hard work and smart work go hand in hand? You might have…
but believe me, Smart work is the only thing that could ever make you stand out of the
crowd, successful and proud.
Let me explain this to you with an example…
      Imagine you have been asked to hammer a nail into a wall, and you select a nice
clean position on the wall and start hammering. After a few minutes you notice that the
nail hasn't moved in even a little,


Life never goes easy on anyone. It try's bringing everyone down brings. There are some who accept the way life takes them while the rest fight, fall and rise. Here is a list of 8 very famous personalities who had faced a lot of hardship and failure in their lives but overcame all and came out with flying colors. So lets have a look.
1. JIM CARREY-  Jim Carrey has given us some of the highest grossing comedies of all times ,such as, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and Ace Venture. But a very few people know about his struggle. He was born in a lower-income family, with a father who struggled to keep his job. At a time his family became so poor that they restored to live in a van. Jim had to drop out of High school and worked as a janitor just to help support the family.

     On his first comic stand-up in Toronto, he was booed off-stage.However we all know about Carrey's later success. 
2. ALBERT EINSTEIN-Einstein did not speak until he was four and did not read until he was seven, ca…

HOUSEPLANTS : 5 Super Common Houseplants You Would Love Because Bugs Hate Them

Houseplants are the most magical thing one can have inside their homes. Not only they affect our health in a positive way but some of them also protect us from disease spreading and irritating bugs.Keep reading to learn which are those magical and most common indoor plants.


 You might like the refreshing scent of peppermint but spiders, mice and mosquitoes do not. Peppermint is a very effective and natural way of keeping bugs away.Peppermint plants can be kept around the house and crush some leaves that will impart fresh aroma that pests won't like.Aromatic oils from mint can also be used to make a mosquito repellent spray by mixing the oils with cider vinegar and vodka. LAVENDER
Lavender has got such a wonderful smell that has the ability to calm a human being. It is also know for it's ability to relieve stress and promote peaceful sleep. But the interesting part is that the same lovely scent is hated by moths, flies, fleas and mosquitoes. One can keep them tied in b…


I have met a lot of people who don't want a plant in there homes because they don't 

find themselves in a place as responsible as taking care of a super delicate thing like a 

houseplant! BUT WAIT! Is this even true?, are houseplants delicate? and do they really 

need special attention? Well, come on lets

take a look at these 5 most common misconceptions about HOUSEPLANTS.  

PLANTS GROW BIGGER IN BIGGER POTS -One     of  the most common misconception about houseplants is that they need a bigger space to

  grow in as they grow bigger, but the truth is quite different. The fast growing plants are 
  those that get moderate pot bounds. It is because in this way their roots get to fill the pot.
   Repoting the plant frequently leads them to put in more energy in growing new roots and 
   filling the whole pot. Plants growing in big pots are more likely to suffer from roots rot.    

      2. INDOOR PLANTS NEED A LOT OF DIRECT                             SUNLIGHT - Depends on the plant. Only …